Snap Fit Aircraft Models UK

Jetstream stock a fantastic range of snap fit models

Snap-fit aircraft are an extremely popular part of the model aviation industry. These are easy to assemble models that look great and are lightweight and sturdy. Jetstream Aviation Models and Toys stock a large selection of models that cater for a diverse range of tastes. Check out our online store and find your perfect model aircraft. 

snap fit aircraft models uk

Exclusive distributors of Skymarks aircraft models

As exclusive distributors of these models, we aim to showcase as much of the catalogue as possible. The company has built an established reputation for their plastic planes. Each aircraft model will easily snap together to form a fantastic scale model with great looking livery. There are some fantastic models from aviation companies such as Airbus and Boeing. Famous carriers include British Airways, Qatar Airways, and Virgin Atlantic.

Choose a model airplane that is lightweight and durable

A snap-fit plastic aeroplane is composed of tough material that allows quick, easy construction without adhesive. This kind of plastic can be found in a broad range of models. It is extremely tough and difficult to break. It is also cost-effective, as it is less expensive than other materials capable of withstanding the same pressures. Another benefit of snap-fit plastic is that it is quite light, which helps with bigger aviation models.

Order from our online shop today – new stock added regularly

Browse our shop to find your perfect airplane. We regularly update our stock, so whether you are looking for a military aircraft or your favourite airline, we’re confident we can supply it. We offer free shipping with every order, for more details about our products, contact us through our website or give us a call.