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Skymarks planes are well-known all over the world. These are plastic snap-fit versions of your favourite models that are easy to put together and durable. Their catalogue includes a wide range of prominent airlines from countries such as the USA, UAE, Finland, and Holland. Each Skymarks plane is meticulously designed and liveried. These models are built to scale and make wonderful additions to any collection.

skymarks planes

Which Skymark aviation model will you choose? 

Skymark manufactures a large range of scale model airplanes and jets for both military and civilian use. These are primarily based on Boeing and Airbus designs, two of the world’s top aircraft manufacturers. When customers are ready to purchase, there is a comprehensive range of Skymarks models to choose from. From well-known carriers such as Finnair and Pan Am to the majestic US Air Force One presidential airplane, all tastes are catered for.

What are the benefits of plastic snap-fit aircraft?

Snap-fit plastic aircraft are made of a strong material that allows for quick assembly without the use of glue. This is a type of plastic that is widely used in many types of model aircraft, including those produced by Skymarks. It is very durable and is not easily breakable. It is also affordable, being cheaper than other types of materials that would be able to withstand the same stresses. Another advantage is that snap-fit plastic is very light, which is an advantage when dealing with larger aviation models. 

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