Plastic Airplane Models

Jetstream is a leading distributor of plastic model planes

If you are looking for plastic model planes to add to your collection or give someone as a special gift? Jetstream Aviation Models and Toys is the place to look for all types of planes. Whatever model you are looking for, we are confident we can supply it. 

plastic airplane models

What type of models are available in our store?

We sell all types of plastic and diecast model aircraft. This includes commercial, civilian, and military models, as well as airport layouts and control towers. In the United Kingdom, SRF is the exclusive distributor of Skymarks and Gemini Jets. Postage Stamp models are also available. We can supply model aircraft to anywhere in the United Kingdom or Europe.

What’s the difference between and plastic and diecast model aircraft?

Diecast aircraft models are replicas of the real thing. They are usually made out of metal, and are then painted and finished. They are high in detail and require a lot of work and patience. Plastic model kits can be assembled by the user. Model kits come in multiple pieces and the user puts them together. Plastic aircraft kits are usually designed to represent a specific make, model and year of an aircraft.

Are plastic models collectable? 

Yes, plastic model airplanes are collectable. They can become collectable for their specific designs or markings. They were not made to be used for flight, and our plastic models are not capable of flying. 

Do you stock model aeroplane kits? 

We stock Sky Marks, This is the newest range of pre-decorated snap-fit plastic models. The models are made of solid injection molded plastic and have extremely detailed artwork. All versions come with a display stand and can be put together in minutes. SCALE: 1:200. The wingspan is 10 1/4′′ and the length is 11 1/4′′.

These snap-together models are made of solid injection molded plastic and are extremely detailed. Depending on the aircraft, they come in a range of scales. All versions come with a display stand and can be put together in minutes. These models would be a fantastic addition to any collection.

Do GeminiJets make plastic airplanes? 

GeminiJets have an established reputation for making high-quality diecast aircraft. Sky Marks is a brand that is well known for its plastic plane models.

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