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Do you have a high-quality model aeroplane on your wish list, such as a diecast plane? Jetstream Aviation Models and Toys have a fantastic range of models in their online store. Throughout the UK and Europe, we’ve developed a solid reputation for delivering premium quality die-cast planes. These are fantastic looking model aeroplanes that are excellent as part of a collection or as a single standalone item. Get precision quality diecast planes at a great price!


What is the popularity of model planes?

Diecast planes are popular worldwide. There are about 9,000 model aeroplane clubs worldwide, ranging in size from tiny groups with a few members to big organizations with thousands. Aircraft has many uses that capture the imagination. Commercial airlines can fly you somewhere exotic, or military planes can be sent on missions during wartime. It’s no surprise that toy planes and scale diecast models are part of a large industry with plenty of enthusiasts. 

What type of diecast model do you stock?

If you have a certain model of die-cast aeroplane in mind, there is a good chance that we stock it. This includes a wide range of military and civilian planes, including commercial airlines. In the United Kingdom, SRF is the exclusive distributor of Skymarks and Gemini Jets, we also supply Postage Stamp models. The commercial airlines that we stock are all well-known brands. Choose from British Airways, Emirates, Etihad, and a variety of other popular airlines. Our model aircraft can be delivered anywhere in the United Kingdom and Europe.

What scale of diecast model do you stock?

Diecast model planes in the 1:400 and 1:200 sizes are available. These planes are produced with extraordinary attention to detail. Each model will have had hours of attention to get the design and paintwork just right. 

Is it possible for die cast aircraft to gain value and become a collectable item?

Due to the attention to detail and similarity to full-size aircraft, diecast planes are popular among collectors. Models can trade hands for unbelievable prices. Although certain diecast models can become valuable collectables, not every item will go up in value. However, rarer more collectible planes may be worth anything from £1,000 and £500,000.

What is the diecast production process? 

The process for making diecast models involves the injection of molten metal into a mould of an object. One of the most well-known diecast toy companies is Corgi whose most popular items are cars. However, in this industry, there is also demand for diecast planes as well as model ships.

Can aircraft models be made using other materials?

In addition to the supply of diecraft planes, we also distribute plastic model aircraft.

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Choose your favourite model from our online shop. We are certain that you will find an aircraft model that interests you. if not, keep an eye out for our new arrivals as we regularly update our stock. You can also take advantage of our free shipping offer. Please give us a call or send us an email for more information on the diecast model aircraft we have in store.