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Do you want a high-quality scale model of a plane or helicopter? Jetstream Aviation Models and Toys is ready to assist you. Over the years, we’ve earned a solid reputation in the UK and Europe for supplying die-cast and plastic models. These high-quality diecast aircraft models look amazing as part of a collection or placed on their own.

diecast model aircraft

What is the popularity of die cast aviation?

Diecast aviation is quite popular all around the world. There are over 9,000 model aeroplane clubs globally, ranging in size from small clubs with a few members to huge organizations with thousands.

What scale of die cast model aircraft do you have in stock?

We are a major supplier of 1:400 and 1:200 scale model aeroplanes.

What are the types of diecast models that you sell?

If you’re seeking a specific model of die-cast aircraft, our large collection should have what you’re looking for. Helicopters, commercial and military planes, control towers, and airport layouts are among the products available. Skymarks and Gemini Jets are exclusively distributed by SRF in the United Kingdom. Models of Postage Stamps are also available and can be delivered throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

What exactly are diecast model planes, and how are they produced?

Die-cast models are collectables that are made by injecting molten metal into a mould of an object. Corgi is one of the most famous manufacturers of diecast toys. Cars are the most common die cast models, but planes and ships are also popular.

Is it possible to collect diecast model planes?

Due to their likeness to full-scale aircraft, diecast model planes are popular among collectors. Diecast models are collectables, but not everyone thinks they’re worth much. They can be worth anywhere from 1-500,000 pounds.

Do you have both plastic and die-cast products?

We have a long history of providing military, industrial, and civilian model aeroplanes in both plastic and diecast form.

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