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Jetstream Aviation Models & Toys are an established online business with a fantastic reputation for supplying model aviation products. If you are looking for a model aeroplane, helicopter, or any other aviation item, we will be happy to supply it. While our most popular aircraft models are usually planes, we also cater for customers who may be interested in a more unusual type of model. 

diecast aircraft

What are diecast aviation models?

A diecast model is a replica of a real object which contains greater attention to detail than a toy. A diecast aviation model is a replica of an aircraft that has been made out of metal. Die-cast models are made using the die casting method, which involves pouring molten lead, zinc alloy, or plastic into a mould to create a specific shape. Metal toys containing plastic, rubber, glass, or other machined metal parts are common.

Extensive range of aircraft including model planes and helicopters

We have a large selection of diecast model aircraft in stock representing a broad range of the aviation industry. This includes a wide range of commercial and military planes and jets, as well as helicopters. We have scale models of Gemini Jets, Skymarks,  Postage Stamps, and Gemini Macs. Browse through our store and choose an aircraft from your favourite airline. We try to stock a range of established airline brands, if you don’t see what you’re looking for please send us a message and put in a request. 

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Visit our online shop and check out the selection of diecast model planes and other aircraft that we have available. These aviation models will make a great addition to any collection or look great as a stand-alone piece. For more information about our model aircraft, give us a call or contact us online. UK & international postage, free delivery available.