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aviation model store

Take up a fantastic hobby with our unique models

Jetstream Aviation Models and Toys supply an exceptional range of model aircraft and accessories. Visit our online shop and find your perfect model.

What are the benefits of using an online aircraft model store?

There are a number of benefits to using an online aircraft model store. Using an online aircraft model store gives you access to a wide variety of model aircraft, including modern and classic planes, helicopters, and drones. If you’re like most model aeroplane enthusiasts, you’re always looking for a good deal. Online you’re likely to find a much larger selection of products. Many online stores also offer pre-built aircraft for a substantial discount versus the cost of building your own from scratch. Most importantly, though, is the convenience of online shopping. It’s much easier to order from home than to go out, find a shop that carries what you’re looking for, order it and then drive home with it all in one trip. 

What selection of model aircraft do we have available?

We have an extensive range of plastic and diecast aircraft in stock. The products we supply cover a variety of civilian and military aeroplanes and helicopters. Our scale models include Skymarks, Geminijets, Gemini Macs, and Postage Stamps. Is Airbus, Boeing or Emirates your favourite airline? Check out our selection of planes to see if there is scale model that matches. We can also supply control towers and airport layouts. 

Are aircraft models suitable for all levels of experience?

There are different model aircraft designs to suit all levels of experience, including beginner, intermediate and advanced. 

Can we order collectible items from the online model shop?

Certain models can become collectable and may gain value. There are many models which are not so popular to the extent of becoming collectable. However, some models which are very rare or unique do become collectable. Model aircraft that are out of production but have a following can become collectable. 

Make your order for your aviation model today

Take a look through our online store and make an order today. Choose models that match your favourite airlines and imagine the airways that it will be using. These items are beautiful scale models that look great individually or as part of a collection. Give us a call or contact us online for more details about our products.