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Choose fantastic aviation gifts from Jetstream

Jetstream Aviation Toys and Models are an established model aviation company. They have built their reputation on supplying high-quality diecast and plastic model aircraft. These are beautifully designed aircraft models that are an ideal gift for any enthusiast. 


A model aeroplane makes a great aviation gift

A model aircraft will make an amazing aviation gift for that special person. Whether they are aircraft hobbyists who can add to a collection or just have a passing interest, these are great looking gifts that really catch the eye. 

Remember your dream flight with a showpiece aircraft model

Have you been on a dream holiday or had the perfect flight. Remember the trip with a scale model of the airline you used. Was the service great? Were you travelling somewhere exotic? Choose from our selection of airline brands, we stock a range of the most popular companies so when you choose an aeroplane from our selection you can make the gift personal. 

Order your model today and get free shipping throughout UK and Europe!

Order one of these fantastic gifts and get free delivery. All of our aircraft models can be shipped throughout the UK and Europe. For more details about our products please give us a call or contact us through our website